Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mediterranean Flair - Aktomara

From cums this cute and sexy babe with a Mediterranean flair.  Her name is Aktomara and I'm ready to sample some!

Like A Flower - Lily C.

Like a flower opening, Lily C. of gives us the little glimpse into the depths of her petals. She's making my stamen tingle.

Sweet Little Brunette - Gillian B.

Gillian B from is a sweet brunette.  My only complaint is the photography.  Too many shadows marring poor little Gillian!

Delectable - Molly Shaw

Playboy brings us the gorgeous Molly Shaw and I'm hooked.  She's delectable.

Skinny-dipping - Malena Morgan

Met-Art's Malena Morgan can always come skinny-dipping in my pool. 

Every Part - Mai Nadasaka

One thing I hate about Japanese law is their penchant for not showing a woman's sex.  This is Mai Nadasaka from Idols69 and frankly, I wish I could see EVERY part of her.  But that said, the parts that ARE showing sure are nice.  Anyone up for some sushi?

Gorgeous - Lorena Yellow

There is now proof that we have run out of decent website names.  This is Lorena Yellow from... wait for it...  That's right. NAKEDBY.COM.  What the hell is that supposed to mean?  I guess or were taken.  Oh well.  Their model is gorgeous, so that's got to count for something, right?

Glasses - Stephanie Christine

Stephanie Christine of Playboy has really cute... glasses. Yes! I meant to say that!

A Perfect Combination - Ashley Zeitler

A perfect combination of cute and sexy is Ashley Zeitler from Playboy. 

A Few Hours With - Sheila L.

Sheila L from is the kind of luscious darling I could spend more than a few hours playing with!

The Purple Goddess - Sofi A.

For some strange odd reason, the photographer didn't take a picture of this girl's rump.  Why the hell not?  If the rest of her looks this angelic, I'm betting God did just as decent a job on her anterior as her posterior.  Duh.  Say hello to the purple goddess - Sofi A. from

Goddess - Georgia

This dark brunette is Georgia from and they declare her a goddess. Okay. I'll convert. 

Ride Those Pigtails - Erica Ellyson

From the Penthouse comes Erica Ellyson and I'd love to ride those pigtails!